The Scoop: 9 Things You Never Knew About Brandi Maxiell

Here’s what we know about Basketball Wives LA star Brandi Maxiell: she’s a cancer survivor, she and husband Jason Maxiell are trying for a second bambino, she Googles bitches, and she’s elegant! What you may not know is that she loves her Mexican food, she’s a sucker for a Southern drawl and she’s a lady of faith. We’ve got some juicy tidbits about the new basketball wife, so check out our list of 9 Things You Never Knew to find out her essential beauty tips, how she keeps her body in check and what are her favorite perks of being married to an NBA player.

Read on for a refresher on just who Miss Brandi Maxiell is and what she’s getting into this season.

Who is Brandi Maxiell?

Brandi and Brittish go in.