VH1 Fashions Of The Week: So Much Denim

  • brandi-maxiell

    Brandi Maxiell [Photo: Instagram]

  • chrissy

    Chrissy Lampkin [Photo: Instagram]

  • denise-vasi

    Denise Vasi [Photo: Instagram]

  • erica-dixon

    Erica Dixon [Photo: Instagram]

  • ericajean

    Erica Jean [Photo: Instagram]

  • jennifer-williams

    Jennifer Williams [Photo: Instagram]

  • kesha-nichols

    Kesha Nichols [Photo: Instagram]

  • kmichelle

    K. Michelle [Photo: Instagram]

  • lala

    La La [Photo: Instagram]

  • letoya

    LeToya Luckett [Photo: Instagram]

  • malaysia

    Malaysia Pargo [Photo: Instagram]

  • mommadee

    Momma Dee [Photo: Instagram]

  • nyalee

    Nya Lee [Photo: Instagram]

  • sassy

    Sassy [Photo: Instagram]

  • shay-johnson

    Shay Johnson [Photo: Instagram]

  • tahiry

    Tahiry [Photo: Instagram]

  • tasha-marbury

    Tasha Marbury [Photo: Instagram]

  • traci-steele

    Traci Steele [Photo: Instagram]

  • yandy1

    Yandy [Photo: Instagram]

If I could surmise this week’s fashion roundup in three words, I’d go with the following: denim, dress, and huh? Stars like La La, LeToya, Denise Vasi, and Traci Steele are rocking the denim. Meanwhile, Momma Dee, Brandi Maxiell, and others are showing off in dresses. Now, the huh part. Yeah, I don’t know what you’re wearing, Erica Jean, but hey, you look very confident in it. Gon’ nah.