Exclusive: Joseline And Stevie J Hush Critics With First Ever Wedding Day Details

Lately it seems as if no one is quite sure if Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta ’s most adored couple, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J., really tied the knot. Missing marriage licenses, text messages claiming “stunts” were pulled, and rumors that Joseline’s wedding ring is from a previous engagement is making everything about this marriage now sound a bit fishy.

Adding to the confusion, the lovebirds themselves didn’t even know their wedding date (June or July), and we were all left scratching our heads. We caught Joseline and Stevie together, and gave details about the day the actually said “I do,” as well as what they have planned for their “big white wedding”:

VH1: I know you both are excited to plan this big wedding, but let’s talk about that day you went to the courthouse. Whose idea was it for the shotgun wedding?
Joseline Hernandez: Stevie told me the night before, ’We should go get married.’ I said, ’We should go do it!’

We want details, what did you wear Joseline?
JH: I wore a cheap little white BCBG dress. Something simple. I had on some black shoes. I can’t even remember which ones. I really just threw something on. What shoe I had on? I don’t even remember.
Stevie J: Ask me. I know what I had on.

Ok Stevie, what did you have on?
SJ: Black Polo tee. Black Polo jeans, and some black J’s! All black.

Every courthouse marriage needs a witness, who did you bring?
SJ: Next question!

Did you write your own vows?
SJ: No we just said the standard, ’I do & I do.’

Marriage certificates in Georgia are in fact public record, why do people keep claiming it doesn’t exist? Does it?
SJ: They gotta look and they’ll find it. They gotta look.

We know Benzino will be Stevie’s best man, Joseline who do you plan on making you maid of honor?
JH: My sister.

And bridesmaids?
JH: I don’t know. I don’t like these b*tches out here. A couple of my husband’s homeboy’s wives. A few girls. The girl that does my hair.

You two love hard and fight harder, how do you know the found the one?
SJ:Well, you know. My birthday is November 2nd and her birthday is November 3rd. I do believe in soul mates and she mirrors me and I mirror her. We have a bright future ahead of us.

JH: I wouldn’t want to have any other husband. He accepts me for who I am and my past. He doesn’t judge me for it. Other than the fact that he said a few little things to me in the public eye when he got upset, but I said some things too. I feel like I don’t want to be with anybody else. Not now or never. You know he’s sexy, he’s talented, and he’s smart. He changed my life and that’s all I ever wanted was for someone to come along and change my li So, as long as he acts right and don’t have no babies on me like every other n*gga be doing out here in the street. Then I guess I’ll be with him forever.

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