Tammy Says If Waka Flocka Cheats Again “All Hell Will Break Loose”

The road to a successful relationship hasn’t been easy at all for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Tammy Rivera, thanks to her fiancé (possibly husband), rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

Like many men in entertainment, infidelity issues have plagued their relationship for some time. Tammy opens up about the severity of Waka Flocka’s cheating, insists she’s no fool, and why the rapper, she refers to as her husband — is a changed a man.

VH1: Tell us how you and Waka met.
Tammy Rivera: I met Waka strolling down the street in Miami on some humble everyday stuff. When I first met him he said he knew that I was the woman he wanted to be with. Of course as women, “We’re like yeah whatever,” because what man doesn’t say that? But, I think in ways I changed him. When I first met him he was a wild boy, what everyone knows him as – hood, gangbanging, shaking his dreads. But I always got the different side of him. Once he met me and Charlie he said we gave him purpose. The wild stuff he was out there doing he calmed down because he saw a bigger picture.

Charlie is your daughter, Waka has no children correct?
Yes, that’s my daughter from a previous marriage. He doesn’t have any biological kids of his own. But, we are working on it.

Working on it aye? How’s that going?
We’re trying. I just say in Gods time. I think when the time is right we will have those babies he wants. But, he loves Charlie as if she came from him. She loves him just as she loves her own real father or as she loves me. That makes it harder. If I wanted to leave him I couldn’t because my child won’t allow me to.

But cheating and infidelity has to be hard to be deal with regardless how attached your child is.
As a woman it’s only so much you’ll take. I’m not going to sit around and let you live wild, do all of this crazy stuff, and think that I’m going to still be there. Either you’re going to conform into being the right man for me and my child or, you can continue to live that life and me and my child can go elsewhere and continue to live ours. He wasn’t ready to risk that and he changed a lot of his ways, because that’s what he wanted to do. Not because I made him do it. He felt it was worth changing for. He did that. Of course he’s still a work in progress. He still has his faults but trust me he’s nothing compared to when I first met him.

How unfaithful on a scale of 1 to 10 was Waka?
A 20. I’m not going to lie. He was off the chain when I first met him and I didn’t know it. Once I found out the sh*t he was doing you couldn’t pay me to believe that was the man I was in love with because he never showed me that side. I’m not going to fake and act a certain way. No he was a dog a** n*gga. But, he has changed tremendously. When I say that I can’t emphasize that enough. When I look at him now I know there has to be a God because I know God has heard my prayers. Only God can change a man in the way that Waka changed.

Was this your first time dealing with someone in entertainment?
Yeah. This was my first time dealing with a rapper and I don’t give a damn about what anyone has to say about, ’What did you expect?’ That’s some bullshit because when I first met him he knew that I wasn’t that type of female that was going to accept anything less, and I think that’s what drew him to me. Dealing with a man in the streets, a man who works on Wall Street, or a guy who works a 9-5 at the bank, there’s women everywhere that’s going to come after them. The fact of the matter is whether that man respects you enough or disrespects you. There’s temptation out there and men get into temptation. But, there’s a difference when you’re disrespectful.

So it’s ok to cheat as long as it isn’t disrespectful?
I’m not saying that it’s acceptable for anyone to cheat. I don’t sit around and say that’s acceptable. If I find out all hell is going to break loose and everything’s going to get crazy. I didn’t accept that, and I don’t care what anyone says I’ll never accept that. If I accept that then I might as well sell my soul. As a woman I’m not going to give up my morals like that.

Have you ever caught him in the actual act?
I’ve never caught him with a female in the act. I’ll probably be in jail right now mam. The house would be burned down and left all of the ashes. I’ll be behind bars. But, I have seen text messages and I have went through the whole twitter rants and Instagram. I’ve never caught him physically with a female and I don’t think he would ever let me catch him doing some sh*t like that.

That whole saying that once a cheater always a cheater, do you find that to be true?
If I say that is a true statement that’s like saying I don’t have faith in God, because anyone can change. If you pray for change then God can change anything. He can move mountains he can make anything possible. So, that would make my whole marriage pointless or for me to even be married to this man. I’ve seen him change a lot. Not saying that he doesn’t have a long way to go, but we all do.

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