Tami Challenges Duffey To An Actual Fight In The Boxing Ring

"My whole reason for being upset was that you brought my daughter into it."

Tami and Duffey's drama was far from resolved at the season five reunion of Basketball Wives LA, and in this clip, one of the final moments of the season, it's clear they never will be. Tami, still salty that Duffey involved Tami's daughter Jazz in their beef, is a mama bear ready to attack.

Tami explains that in the heat of the moment on that rooftop in Lisbon, she feels she didn't get a fair shot at a fight with Duffey. Not only does she think Duffey took a cheap shot at her when she was being retrained by security ("Only weak bitches do that."), but it was set off even more when Shaunie grabbed Tami's braids and Tami thought she was being jumped from behind. Now, all Tami wants is a chance to fight Duffey for real. "Respect the street code," Tami says, as to why she wants a fair fight and not one where she's being held back. "Let's do it. I have a sponsor that will sponsor us having a boxing match where we can square up." Duffey, to our surprise, is all for it. So maybe this drama will be resolved after all in the ring.