10 Crazy Cameos By Heavy Metal Bands That Still Make Us Laugh

Everyone loves those unexpected "OH SNAP!" appearances of a famous name in a bit part, whether on the big screen, small screen, or in a buzz-generating ad. This week the biggest heavy metal band in the known universe (A.K.A. Metallica) got people talking when they made a cameo in a hilarious new promo spot for the ESPN show This Is SportsCenter.

Despite the genre’s fierce independence and integrity, a surprising number of heavy metal musicians have made funny forays into film, TV, and commercials. That’s what makes their appearances are so memorable: Nothing breaks up the monotony of everyday entertainment like a full throttle metal band blasting down the walls with their triple stacks. Whether it's thrash granddaddies Motorhead demoing The Young Ones house or death metallers Cannibal Corpse starting a pit in the middle of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, they're all unforgettable. Check out 10 crazy cameos from heavy metal bands that still have us laughing.

Metallica Look For A New Gig At ESPN

Fans have been buzzing about the new promo for ESPN’s This Is SportsCenter, wherein the biggest metal band in the world looks for a new gig since the retirement of pitching ace Mariano Rivera, who used their “Enter Sandman” as his walk-out song.

Judas Priest Play "Death Metal" On The Simpsons

The storied heavy metal band appeared on Fox’s long running animated sitcom this past January, though fans balked when they were referred to as a “death metal” band in the show. To make amends, Bart Simpson wrote “JUDAS PRIEST IS NOT 'DEATH METAL'" in the opening chalkboard sequence the following week.

Josh Homme Is A Macho Queen on Portlandia

Anyone who names their band Queens Of The Stone Age is pretty secure about their sexuality, so it came as little surprise when the QOTSA singer guested on the IFC’s offbeat comedy show Portlandia as a gay relative whose drunken, fratboy behavior isn't “gay” enough for the show’s Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen.

Married…With Anthrax

The Fox comedy Married…With Children welcomed one of thrash metal’s “Big 4” in 1990 when Anthrax appeared as guests at the Bundy residence, which as you would expect gets trashed in the end.

Ronnie James Dio Mentors Tenacious D

Who better to guide the young Jack Black to follow his rock dreams than one of the greatest voices in heavy metal? That’s what happened when Dio stepped straight out of a poster in the 2006 comedy Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny.

Motorhead Rocks The Young Ones House

Perhaps more of a musical guest appearance than a cameo, but this clip of Lemmy and crew delivering a blistering version of “Ace Of Spades” on the set of the pioneering British alternative comedy show The Young Ones is their most legendary TV performance.

Dokken’s Hocking Software?

Would have loved to been a fly on the wall when this ad was pitched, which involves the ‘80s metal band facing off against a raw chicken holding a switchblade. As should be obvious from the description, it’s an ad for Norton anti-virus software. You get that, right?

Cannibal Corpse: Pet Detectives

Heads turned when the fearsome death metal band showed up playing their song “Hammer Smashed Face” in the 1994 comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Apparently star Jim Carrey is a fan. Who knew?

Ozzy Osbourne: Moral Crusader

Horror movies, heavy metal and parental outrage went hand in hand in the ‘80s which is how the “Prince Of F-cking Darkness” got ironically cast as prissy preacher Rev. Aaron Gilstrom in the 1986 film Trick Or Treat about a demonic metal singer who is brought back to life.

Suffocation Teaches Dark Ages History

The History Channel felt this NY death metal band would be the best way to turn viewers onto their new series about “600 years of degenerate, Godless, inhumane behavior.” They have a point.