Drake Served Serena Williams Some Tongue This Weekend In The Middle Of A Dinner Date—Check The Photos!

They're definitely on their worst behavior—and we like it.

Drake and Serena Williams were on their worst behavior when the two were spotted engaging in some serious PDA Sunday night.

Just hours after Serena won the WTA tournament in Cincinnati, she and Drizzy dined at a local Italian restaurant. It must have been one hell of a celebration dinner, because onlookers told TMZ that they were all over each other the entire time.

For months now, rumors have swirled that the two are an item. Drizzy cheering Serena on during her tournament only added fuel to the gossip mill. But now it looks like there was very good reason for the speculation.

All in all, Drake’s been having win after win all summer. We’re not mad, though.

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