That Time H. Jon Benjamin Was Fired From 'Sex And The City'

While most famous for voicing FX’s super spy, Sterling Archer, and Bob Belcher, the patriarch of FOX’s hilarious burger joint, there was a time when H. Jon Benjamin was a working actor taking bit parts on long-running series, like Rescue Me and Sex and the City.

Fans of Carrie Bradshaw and her gaggle of gals may remember when Benjamin briefly appeared on the third episode of season one but the actor reveals that he was supposed to have a much larger part on the show.

Two years after his original appearance, Benjamin was cast as Bill Kelley, an older politician with a golden shower fetish.

“I had hair and they made me bald,” Benjamin says of prepping for the role that later went to John Slattery from Mad Man. Only 34 at the time, Benjamin didn’t quite look the part that series creator Darren Star had envisioned.

“He looks at me and goes, ‘Who is this guy,’” Benjamin recalls when Star checked on him after two and a half hours in the makeup chair. Apparently unsatisfied with what he saw, Star pulled the associate producer aside. Moments later Benjamin was told he could go home.

“That was my best role ever,” Benjamin laughs. “I got paid in residuals for the part even though I didn’t play it.”

His appearance (or lack thereof) on the show reminded us of another funny man who revealed he also briefly appeared on the series. While talking to Kate Spencer, Andrew Rannells (Girls) revealed he was a backup dancer for Liza Minnelli when she performed “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” in the sequel to the show’s big screen adaptation.

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The season finale of Archer: Vice airs tonight on FX.

[Photo: Getty/HBO]