Put Some Respek On His Name: T.I. Officially Changes His Stage Name to TIP

"TIP is my name, it's my childhood name given to me by my father."

There's only room for one TIP (that sounds weird but you know what we mean.)

The artist formerly known as T.I. appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and schooled everyone on the proper way to address him from now on. The rapper and actor revealed that he now goes by TIP, his childhood nickname, and no one is to call him by his government name, Clifford Harris, unless you're a judge, policeman, or a banker.

When asked by Jimmy Kimmel why even use the stage name T.I. in the first place, TIP responded,

Well, I found myself in very good company on the same label with Q-Tip and LA Reid [and] at the time he felt it was kind of confusing having two "tips" on the same label and since I was the new guy...I had to change my name.

Kimmel joked, "And now is Q-Tip mad that you've gone to TIP cause now he's like, 'Hey, I'm still TIP over here!'" Although the two rappers did have a little static over a Twitter feud last year about Iggy Azalea, the two rappers don't have any real beef over their stage names.

That's probably how Jordan felt wearing that four-five.