Here’s How Kelly Rowland Feels About Asking Your Partner About a Past Gay Experience

Is the question off limits?

Kelly Rowland is weighing into an interesting relationship issue that's been a major topic of discussion lately.

The former Destiny's Child member recently chopped it up with the New York Post about her forthcoming Lifetime movie Love By the 10th Date where she plays Margot - a LA-based reporter who has taken a vow of celibacy and faces temptation in her relationship with a popular reggae singer (played by actor/musician Black Shakespeare). Keri Hilson, Megan Good and Kellee Stewart all play her friends looking for love within unusual scenarios.

Rowland says she relates to Margot in more ways than one, and the film as a whole is a cautionary tale about honesty (especially when it comes to past sexual encounters.) “There are some women who are not finding the real truth about their partner’s sexuality until they go through their man’s phones,” says the 35 year old entertainer. “But it happens with guys too, not just women. I can’t tell someone how to feel about dating someone who is bisexual or had a past gay experience, but it’s proper to ask in today’s times.”

Rowland's opinion comes at an interesting time, since popular Golden Globe nominated projects like Insecure and Moonlight have dealt with sexual fluidity and how the stigma of being gay or bisexual prevents Black men from being open about it. The topic has been widely discussed on social media.

Though she's now happily married to her manager, Tim, and has an adorable two-year-old, Kelly vividly remembers the struggles of her single days and does not miss them one bit. “I wish I had an emotional condom when I was in my 20s,” Rowland says. “I dated this one guy and was stimulated by his conversation but he had his eyes on, like, eight other women. I was giving all my emotions, falling for this person, and he didn’t even deserve it. So you have to make sure that you’re holding some of those emotions back so you’re not putting yourself in a real f—ed-up situation.”

The pop singer signed off with a major gem of wisdom for young single women looking for love. "Do not get duped and manipulated by these dudes who don’t know who the hell they are and have insecurities and then you have to deal with a plate of all of their sh-t. Let them know they’re dealing with greatness — that they’re dealing with a queen.”

Let the church say amen!

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