10 Celebrities Who Have Gloriously Normal Bodies

Unrealistic Hollywood standards of beauty be damned!

In the new thriller Self/less, Sir Ben Kingsley plays a dying man who undergoes a procedure to have his mind transferred into the body of a healthier, younger man, played by rock solid Ryan Reynolds. Because, hey, if you're gonna swap out your old body and get a new one, it might as well be Ryan Reynolds', right?

The subtext of this movie—as well as most other Hollywood movies and TV shows—is that a ridiculously chiseled body with, like, 2% body fat is the ideal one. Obviously, Hollywood's standards of beauty are crazy high. Unless you have a personal trainer working you out for several hours every day and a personal chef making sure you only consume the good fats, who can pull that off?

Thankfully, among the many stars we ogle and envy and hate for their unobtainable gorgeousness, there are a few talented celebrities who've found fame and fortune with more natural, attainable bodies, and who aren't afraid to talk about their "flaws." Here, we celebrate these wonderful people, who don't make us want to shame eat.

Amy Schumer

The new reigning queen of comedy (and body positivity) is a proud size 6, and at a sexy, healthy 160 pounds, she knows she can get it whenever she wants. She also refuses to back down to the unfair standards put on women. In fact, during an interview on a press tour for her upcoming comedy Trainwreck, Schumer triumphantly stated, "I'm not going to look like a malnourished bird." Good, 'cause those are the ones that freeze to death in wintertime.

Mindy Kaling

Like Amy, fellow HBIC Mindy is as funny and talented as she is proud of her curvaceous figure. In fact, the fashion-forward funny lady may have dropped the all-time greatest truth bomb when it comes to bodies of all shapes and sizes: "If you got it, flaunt it. If you don't got it, flaunt it."

Jason Segel

Jason is tall and endearingly goofy, and the only six-pack he has comes with a pop-top. It's no wonder everyone has a crush on the charming star. Not only did the actor have no issue showing off all of regular-guy physique in the hit comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but he's not half bad looking with clothes on either.

Danielle Brooks

We could have listed just about every actress on Orange Is the New Black, as the show celebrates women of all backgrounds and sizes. While Danielle, like her fellow castmates, has to hide her lovely figure under those unflattering prison uniforms on the show, off set she looks good and liberated.

Lena Dunham

There is no one in Hollywood who gets more guff for showing off their bod than Lena, and it's totally unwarranted. Not only does the Girls star look like, you know, a real person, but she also isn't afraid to show off all those little "imperfections" that we all have. You may not agree with her on everything, but it's hard not to see eye-to-eye with her on that bold move.

Adam Driver

The women of Girls get more buzz concerning their bodies, but the men of the series have unique physiques as well. Adam is tall, lean, and muscular, but in a pleasantly gangly way. Basically, he looks like every third guy you meet in Brooklyn. No wonder why they cast him.

Kelly Clarkson

No one has less time for body negativity and fat shamers than this singer, who belts out songs, commands the stage, and looks badass and confident while doing it.

Seth Rogen

Seth has the cuddly physique of a teddy bear who smokes a lot of weed, and with all the skin he shows he's clearly at ease with his flab. He often uses it to great comedic effect juxtaposed with ripped specimens like Zac Efron and James Franco. It gets no better than Seth and James parodying Kim and Kanye.

Jay Baruchel

The skinny Canadian actor is cut from the same cloth as his fellow Apatow-ian alums Jason Segel and Seth Rogen in that he's (a) hilarious, (b) totally cute, and (c) totally normal-looking. With little muscle on his bones, you know he looks great in skinny jeans. Plus, he's a role model for all of us who are allergic to lifting weights.

Demi Lovato

Demi has struggled with an eating disorder but is doing better than ever and sharing her inspirational message of body positivity with fans around the world. She's proof that being happy with yourself is the best look of all.