Kendall Jenner's Rumored to be Dating Chris Brown and No One Likes It

Tell us how you really feel, Twitter.

Here's a rumor to think about on your way home from work: Kendall Jenner and Chris Brown might be dating. Yeeeaaaahhhh.

HollywoodLife reported yesterday that the model and singer are romantically involved. The site also claimed that Karrueche advised Jenner against dating her ex-boyfriend while filming for Kylie's cooking show. Before you start brainstorming couple names like Chrendall or Kris (definitely not that last one), keep in mind that this is just a rumor, people.

Jenner and Brown have been in the same circle for quite some time, especially with younger sister Kylie dating Brown's best friend Tyga. Jenner and Brown were spotted dining at the same restaurant in Paris last week, which truly means everything nothing other than the idea that they were both hungry and ate food together—with other people present.

Regardless, fans of either celebrity have already begun voicing their opinions and the general consensus is something like "Please don't be dating, Kendall and Chris." Leave it to people on Twitter to always tell you how they really feel.

See what people are saying about the rumored romance between Jenner and Brown below.

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