Young Hollywood Tries To Play Amara La Negra While Apologizing For Disrespecting Her In This 'Love & Hip Hop Miami' Highlight

"A little more Beyonce, a little less Macy Gray."

Even if you don't have an afro as luscious as Amara La Negra's you probably still felt a certain type of way after her business meeting with Young Hollywood in the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Miami.

When Amara brought her mom to a business meeting, Young Hollywood was put off and to be fair, if her mom isn't her manager, it probably wasn't the best idea for her to tag along. But when Young Hollywood and Amara tried to meet up again, things went even left for real after he told Amara that she needed to change her image because her fro wasn't elegant. While we were screaming, "You still have a small chance to make this right bro!" at the TV, Young Hollywood was busy shoving his foot further into his mouth. He called her intense, put his fist in the air, asked if she was an "Afro Latina" because she was African or because she has an afro and called her a "nutella queen". EYE ROLL. Then he starts to apologize but stops mid-sentence to call her crazy. What kind of apology is that and where they do that at? Amara wasn't here for it and straight up walked out with no explanation at all.

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