All the Jon Stewart GIFs You Need to Cope with His Departure from 'The Daily Show'

Don't leave us, J-Stew!

Today, after 16 years on the job, departing Daily Show host Jon Stewart tapes his final episode of his Emmy Award-winning Comedy Central series. How do you properly bid farewell to a comedy legend whose impact upon the worlds of both entertainment and politics is so great that there are no adequate words for it? (As if we could summon words, choked up as we are.) With GIFs, of course.

We've picked some of our favorite Jon Stewart GIFs to help you cope with his departure. Because, as if J-Stew weren't brilliant enough as is, he also makes for one helluva GIF. We're sure gonna miss this guy.

When you first heard that Jon Stewart was stepping down as host of The Daily Show, you were like:

In fact, your exact words were:

No one could possible replace this man and the legacy he's created, so why would they even try?

You definitely got a little worked up about the whole thing.

Still, you eventually came to terms with it and reflected on happier times.

You also realized that those last few shows with Jon were going to be epic.

And that even if J-Stew wasn't going to be on your TV screen every night before bed, he'd always be in your heart.

And no matter what he does next, his pals will always have his back.

So, let's raise a glass to the host with the most.

Besides, we've always got his movies to watch.

Maybe let's just stick to Daily Show reruns.

Thanks for everything, Jon Stewart! We love you!