Janice Dickinson Has a Full Blown Meltdown When Called Out for Her Behavior in the Couples Therapy Sneak

"I need help"

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Janice Dickinson is opinionated, bold, and often hilarious but underneath her strong exterior, she's hurting an awful lot. In a sneak peek for the next Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn, Janice has a full blown panic attack as some of her behavior is called out by her fellow housemates. When Dr. Jenn reminds her that her behavior is affecting her relationships with everyone in the house, as well as her fiancé Rocky, Janice begins to lose control. As Janice spirals downward, she makes it clear, she needs help. It's a touching moment and we hope that Janice is able to get the help she needs. Find out what goes down on an all new Couples Therapy, Wednesday at 10/9c!