Steal TLC's Most 'CrazySexyCool' Looks: A Guide To The Band's Most Iconic Outfits

Yes, TLC gave us some of the great music of all time, but they also gave us some truly iconic fashion moments. We decided to go through three of their most famous music videos ("Waterfalls," "Creep" & "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg") to bring you a step-by-step buying guide to achieve TLC style in the modern day. By the time you've put these three classic crazy, sexy and cool looks together you'll be feeling far from unpretty.


TLC LOOK: T-Boz in "Waterfalls"

A) Target's Girls' C9 by Champion Seamless Cami Bra - Black

Retail Value: $7.99

B) H&M's Large Metal Hoop Earrings in Gold

Retail Value: $2.95

C)'s Light Blue Paisley Bandanna 1913

Retail Value: $1.99

D)'s Belly Dancer Harem Pants - Blue

Retail Value: $19.99

E)'s Graco Pack 'n Play Sheet - Light Blue

Retail Value: $10.79

Despite T-Boz's inherent glamour as a singer, this look is surprisingly casual. So casual, you could wear it around the house as loungewear and even literally roll out of a bed with it on.

It's basically just a simple sports bra with oversized blue pants. We found these light blue harem pants at a Belly Dancing website that look like they'd do the trick. Of course, T-Boz has what looks to be a sheet wrapped around her waist. We figured that an adult size sheet would be too big, but if you tied one of Graco's baby sized blue sheets around your waist, you'd look pretty on point. Pop on some simple gold hoops and tie a bandana around your bicep and you're ready to stick to those rivers and those lakes that you're used to.

Total Retail Value: $43.71

Not Chasing Waterfalls: Priceless

A) Victoria's Secret Afterhours Satin Pajama in Lilac Frost

Retail value: $69.50

B) Walgreen's Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics

Retail Value: $2.86 (on sale!)

Sure, shilling out $70 for pajamas for a TLC outfit seems like a lot, but then you can dance in them and sleep in them. Also, these PJs come with buttons up front so you can leave them open or shut per your creeping desires.

Total Retail Value: $43.71

Creeping In Satin Style: Priceless


TLC LOOK: Left Eye in "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg"

A)'s Ladies Large Brim Beach Floppy Sun Hat In Hot Pink

Retail Value: $7.99

B) Rit's Liquid Dye in Fushia

Retail Value: $3.99

C) Hanes's Men's White TAGLESS Crewneck Undershirt 5-Pack

Retail Value: $18.50 (or $3.70 per shirt)

D) Party City's Multicolor Orbit Beat Necklaces

Retail Value: $1.99 (or 33 cents per necklace)

E) Costume Craze's Harry Potter Glasses

Retail Value: $6.65 (on sale!)

F) Condom Depot's Fantasy Rainbow Color Condoms

Retail Value: $6.99 for a box of 12 (about 58 cents per yellow condom)

G) Hot Topic's Black Suspenders

Retail Value: $7.99

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes's unique look in "Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg" requires a bit of bulk purchases and DIY can-do!

You'll have to tie-dye your own shirt and use a little bit of scotch tape and/or safety pins (which we'll assume you already own) to affix one yellow condom to a pair of Harry Potter costume glasses and to your suspenders. Also, since huge hot pink nylon rasta hats are nonexistent in the modern era, you might want to use a couple of safety pins or take scissors to a cheap hot pink straw hat to create the illusion of one.

Don't be afraid to get dirty. Remember you ain't 2 proud 2 DIY!

Total Retail Value: $54.50 (but you get all those extra t-shirts and condoms)

The Value of Safe Sex: Priceless

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[Photo Credit: La Face Records & Accredited Retailers]