The Most Ridiculous 'Full House' Moments We Need Explained on Netflix's 'Fuller House'

Last week, we learned that Full House is getting the reboot it deserves, nay, demands. When Fuller House premieres on Netflix, these weird, random moments deserve at least a little mention.

Jesse's name changed and no one ever talked about it.

In the first season, he was Jesse Cochran, but later became Jesse Katsopolis with zero explanation. This is because John Stamos wanted to celebrate his Greek heritage, and might explain the fact that Jesse is apparently the Greekest Greek who ever Greeked, but his sister was so blonde that she had three very blonde children with non-blond Bob Saget. That or Nick and Irene Cochran/Katsopolis (who we never saw again after season four) had some pretty big secrets.

As Slate points out, DJ's boyfriend Steve also had a name change. He went from Steve Peters to Steve Hale to Steve Holt.

Jesse, Becky and their two children lived in an attic despite being gainfully employed.

Rather than make Michelle cry, Jesse chooses to jam his family of four in an attic that I only think had a bathroom. Let's talk about the bathroom situation while we're at it — we know there's one upstairs, maybe one in the basement where Joey's old bedroom was, and presumably one on the main floor. We're talking three or four bathrooms for nine people. Three of them teen/tween girls. That ends well.

Jesse has a pervy cousin named Stavros who looked suspiciously like Jesse.

Jesse's creepy cousin Stavros from Splitscreenopolis came to visit and immediately tried to steal Becky away with his mustache powers. It didn't work out too great.

Joey had a wacky Uncle Jasper who looked suspiciously like Joey.

He luckily didn't try to seduce any family members.

The Beach Boys were just kind of always there.

Like, did the Beach Boys not have other stuff to do? They don't have other things on their calendars besides "play concert in Tanner family living room?"

Michelle falls off a horse and gets amnesia, then meets her double.

It was weird, I don't know. Obviously they were looking for a way to get Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on screen at the same time.

There was that time Steve Urkel showed up.

Just accept it. Don't think about it too hard.

If these things are not mentioned on Fuller House, we hope they're saving them for Even More Fuller House, Seriously, It's So Full, Guys, coming to Netflix in 2025!

We also wouldn't mind getting invited to one of Candace Cameron Bure's epic cast hangs. Call us, Aunt Becky!

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