Christina's 'Top Model' Elimination Made Us Wish Tyra Banks Still Yelled Things Like "We Were All Rooting For You!"

Maybe it's because we weren't rooting for this model...

On this week's episode of America's Next Top Model, we said goodbye to the girl who knew that "everybody wasn't gonna like her" from the start.

Tyra and the rest of the panel agreed that Christina was on the show, not because she wanted to learn, but because she wanted the exposure. Her inability to take critique and know-it-all attitude were a recipe for disaster, and I'm honestly surprised that Tyra was so, well, nice to her with all of the attitude she was serving up in her final panel.

I mean, we all remember that infamous Tiffany from all the way back in cycle three. If you need a refresher, she was the girl that inspired this monologue heard 'round the world.

So when Christina pulled this move (as Tyra was complimenting her, no less) I was legitimately worried for her.

Tyra told her, "You know you're a good model! You're a good model!" To which Christina replied:

I expected this to be where Tyra lost her sh-t. Maybe that's because I know I would have lost mine. But Tyra shocked me. She just...

It just goes to show that Tyra's not here to play games and raise her voice. There have been over 20 damn seasons of this show, and she has no time for the 'tude.

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