Remember Safaree Samuels? This Pic of His Eggplant Will Jog Your Memory


Yesterday was a total bummer.

For starters, David Bowie died and people spent the day mourning his loss and reflecting on his legendary career. Yesterday was also the day after the Golden Globes, a.k.a. star-studded snoozefest, and people had yet to recover from all of the excitement when Safaree Samuels decided to share something important on Instagram.

Remember that dude? The struggle rapper who used to date Nicki Minaj before Meek Mill gave her, like, two twenty wedding rings? Well, he's been in the gym working on his revenge bod and he's documenting it all on Snapchat and Instagram. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Safaree has been getting in his best shape ever and he's bringing his penis with him.

Like, actually. Safaree and his penis have been going to the gym together. Do you want to see? Of course you do! You read this far!

"Im in the gym for the next 30 days doing 2 a days non stop going hard... If aint aint about money success or anything good holla at me next month!!! #stuntgang #itiswhatitisvol2 #cantlie," Safaree wrote in the caption field. Never has a fitness journey looked so...?.

I'm most curious about the #stuntgang Safaree's referring to. Is it him and his peen? Him and those weights? Him, his peen and the weights?

We'll never know. Here's hoping that Game and his d come through with another pic like the one below. In the meantime, keep up the good work, Safaree.