Samantha And Erica Respond To Yandy Shading Kim's "Heart Attack" And Explain What Actually Happened

"It scared the s---t out of me. I thought I was gonna lose my mother at that moment."

The last thing you want to deal in life is a close family member suffering a heart attack, and Kim's scare on Love & Hip Hop had everyone worried for a hot second. She has since made a recovery, and the severity of her health issue was even made fun of in this week's episode of Check Yourself when Yandy and Judy wasted no time mocking Kim's "almost" close call.

Mendeeecees' other baby mamas Samantha and Erika, don't find the situation funny though. They admit that although it wasn't an actual heart attack, it was enough to shake them up and reevaluate all the drama going on among the Harris clan.

In this VH1 exclusive, listen to Samantha and Erika explain what they think caused Kim's close call, and even though Yandy is still clowning, they explain that it wasn't fun and games, not at all.

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