Biopic Beef: Why Are These Biographical Films Causing Controversy?

Andre Benjamin in 'All Is By My Side'

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Naomi Watts In 'Diana'

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Nicole Kidman in 'Grace Of Monaco'

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Jason Segel and David Foster Wallace composite

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Zoe Saldana and Nina Simone composite

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Helen Mirren and Al Pacino in an HBO film about Phil Spector

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Etta James and Beyonce

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Nicole Kidman's role in Grace Of Monaco has gotten much attention, especially with the film making its debut at this year's Cannes Film Festival. However, the real life children of the movie's subject, actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly, have come out against the film and called it "a farce."

The Monegasque royals aren't the only ones to have gotten heated over a biographical film. Which other movies based on famous public figures have drawn the ire of loved ones, fans, or even the people the flicks are actually based upon?

Browse through our gallery to discover more biopics that have led to some serious beefing between filmmakers and viewers.

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