Why Wasn’t PreMadonna At The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion?

PreMadonna says there were rumors Joseline didn't want her at the reunion!

As the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion concludes, there were some familiar faces that weren’t on that stage. VH1 caught up with PreMadonna about her time on the reality series, how she knew Jessica and Joseline, and what kind of Tea she would have spilled if she was there.

How did you come to be cast on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and what was your connection to the cast?
PreMadonna: I knew Jessica Dime and Joseline from the past and I also knew Kirk and Rasheeda.

What was your relationship like with Jessica and Joseline?
Jessica and Joseline, they were cool girls. I would see them when I went to the strip club and party and everything, we used to be on the club scene a lot.

What did you make of their relationship back in Miami? Did you think they were really friends or was Dime playing that up for the cameras?
Prior to the show I would think that they were friends because they worked in the same club and they worked together in the club. I’ve always seen them in the club in the past. So I don’t know when they leave if they really linking up, but I do believe that they were friends outside of the club because I remember Jessica saying she had to give Joseline a couple wads back in the day, so they had a relationship to her knowledge.

How well did you know Kirk and Rasheeda?
Well, I just knew them from Atlanta, just being in Atlanta. I didn’t go sit in their house or anything but I know them through my husband Buck.

So you were on the show and then sort of disappeared, what happened?
I mean catching up and watching the rest of the season, I guess they probably couldn’t figure out where I would actually align with what they had going. I believe that’s probably why I didn’t finish the rest of the season but I definitely didn’t decline to do it.

You weren’t at the reunion, but is there anything you want to say? Any Tea you had to spill?
I mean honey, the Tea is, honey, PreMadonna is too much Tea. The pot is overflowing and they don’t wanna deal with that. I have no idea, there’s rumors saying I guess Joseline didn’t want me to come to the reunion, you know Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is her show. That’s what they think on the streets, so I’m not sure because I’m not one to play into rumors. And I had a nice dress for the reunion, maybe honey, maybe that’s why. Maybe they didn’t want me to redeem myself, they wanted the world to remember me for the two little scenes I did have.

Was there any reason for Joseline to have a chip on her shoulder about you coming?
I told you it was actually a rumor. There’s actually rumors everywhere. It didn’t make sense to me so I wouldn’t know. Maybe she thought that they were probably asking me about her and Jessica Dime. I’m from Miami, Jessica Dime’s from Miami and Dawn’s from Miami, maybe they would say okay here’s the link, here’s three people against one person saying you don’t know somebody.

Would you be open to coming back and sharing your story with the world?
I definitely will be open to coming back, only and only if they allow a new light on women, men, and relationships in general. I mean it is called Love & Hip Hop, I want them to really show successful relationships and, honey, that might be too boring for Love & Hip Hop, honey. I definitely would be open if there’s something more. Maybe mentoring or coaching these women because, honey, as you’ve been watching, they got issues. Maybe I can help them. I had issues back in the day, not right now, so maybe I could help.

You joined the show, showing off your business Waist Gang Society, are any of the women of Love & Hip Hop wearing your trainers? Have you gotten Joseline into one of your trainers yet?
She probably wearing them on the low but she probably ain’t gonna give me the credit. I believe the whole Love & Hip Hop cast has a PreMadonna waist trainer, who doesn’t have a Waist Gang Society waist trainer? It’s just the fact of are you gonna tell us you have one or not.

And what about your relationship? How long have you and your husband been together?
You know what, I never answer those types of questions, we’ve been together long enough I think. It’s been years though. I just like to say long enough. You know what, because when you give people a specific number of years then it’s not forever. You want it to last forever so why would you put a date or a time frame on it.

Would he be open to appearing on a show like this?
He would actually be open to doing a show. When it comes to him, it’s all about me and him but he actually was open to doing Love & Hip Hop. Like I said, I don’t know what happened with them. Maybe he just didn’t fit their story for this season because he’s just a man and if you’ve been watching TV, there’s men on the show but they’re not men, they’re like dog-men. So I don’t know what to say.

Are you saying you’d want to show more of the positives sides of a marriage?
Not even positive, I just want it to show realistically the truth, what really happens. There’s really relationship drama aside from cheating and aside from management, the scenarios that they keep replaying. There’s real life issues deeper than cheating I guess, I don’t know, I guess people want to see them cheat.

If you were to come to the reunion, did you have any bombshells in your back pocket to reveal?
If I would have come, then you would have known what I had to say but since I didn’t come obviously I had something very important to say or maybe they thought I did so that’s why I wasn’t there.