Watch as Hundreds Turn a Family Waterpark Completely Out, Confuse Local Charity Event for a Strip Club (NSFW)

This can't be life...

Summer 2015 hasn’t even officially started and things are already getting out of hand. A prime example of this took place last weekend in New Jersey, when a private fundraiser event quickly turned into a reenactment of 1997 Freaknik. The event billed as “Summer Splash” turned the normally friendly water park known as Clementon Park, into the unofficial anniversary party for Nelly’s “Tip Drill” video.

Of course the clips from the party went viral, and the backlash has been so brutal that the park had to address the matter via social media. Check out all the NSFW clips below and you be the judge. Is this completely inappropriate behavior? Or are people just overreacting?

P.S. It was cold and raining last Saturday in New Jersey. But who needs warm weather and sunshine for thongs and such??