The 6.66 Creepiest Charles Manson Rock-and-Roll Connections

What ties America’s scariest psycho killer to the Beatles, Beach Boys, GNR, NIN, and, yes, Marilyn?

In the actual (i.e., non-Bryan-Adams) summer of ’69, a satanically charismatic Death Valley firebrand named Charles Manson dispatched members of his hippie murder cult to splatter the Hollywood Hills blood red in hope that their savage transgressions would ignite a worldwide race war.

That didn’t happen.

The “Manson Family” slaughters that did go down, however, proved sufficiently horrific to the point that, nearly a half-century later, the manic babbling, spazzy dancing, demon-eyed Manson remains to this day America’s go-to boogeyman.

Manson was also a Rolling Stone cover interview, a guitar-strumming songwriter, a music industry hanger-on, and the most frightening possible face of flower power’s darkest conceivable downside.

Thus, Charlie freaked out the entire planet as humanity’s first rock-and-roll psycho killer. It’s a role he’s cherished and played to the hilt ever since, because, in truth, Charles Manson really, really wanted to be a rock star.

With (so far) false rumors of Charles Manson’s death regularly cropping up online, and the hit NBC series Aquarius chronicling the cops who took down the Family at the height of L.A.’s late-’60s music revolution, time has come today to analyze Charlie’s rock-and-roll connections.

Here, now, are 6.66 of the creepiest such intertwinements—and that is saying something.


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