Ariana Grande Got Killed off of Scream Queens Already, Leaving Behind a Trail of Flaw-Free GIFs

R.I.P. Chanel #2.

Ariana Grande became Chanel #2 for the Scream Queens premiere last night, but (spoiler alert!) her run on the show seems to be over before it began. Chanel #2 already got killed off the show, but here’s hoping that she pulls a Nick Jonas and comes back later in the season.

Ari’s role on the show was short-lived, but it produced some of the most iconic scenes and GIFs on the Internet right now. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Chanel #2.

Look at her in this scene, standing iconically in silence like no one else ever has or will.


Because great actresses don’t need words. They don’t even need to blink. See how Ari is both wide-eyed and silent in this scene?


Watch as she turns around in fear to literally face The Devil.

And kind of falls in love with him — just a little.

And maybe sexts him?

JK, bbs, she was just confused about him wanting to kill her.

Then, she died.

And looked perfect while doing so.

JK again ’cause she was still alive and had enough strength to send The Devil flying when she kicked him with her perfect white heel.

She made her way over to her laptop to tweet about the killing, like the social media bb queen she is.

And then, she died. For real.

But not without sending her last tweet.

Long live this Scream Kween, tbh.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.