Is It Just Us, or Do Nicole Ari Parker and Jennifer Aniston Look Crazy Similar?

You need to see these photos ASAP.

Earlier in the summer, we explored non-related celebrities who look like twins. However, we left off a duo that looks more similar than Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel. Yup. We’re talking about the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston and her celebrity doppelgänger Nicole Ari Parker (Murder in the First). Again, we’re dead serious.

But hear us out—or, better yet, see. You may not think these stunning queens look alike, but we have three sets of photos that prove otherwise. Prepare to see double, folks. (And, if you don’t, write in the comments that we’re drunk and need to go home. We can handle the criticism!)

Round 1

Getty Images

Breathe in Jennifer’s eye shape and strong jawline.

Getty Images

And notice how Nicole literally has the exact same features—albeit a different eye color, but let’s just blaze right past that.

Round 2

Getty Images

Battle of the pursed lips! See how Jennifer’s form a flatter shape, but her dimples come out to play in full force?

Getty Images

Nicole’s face does the same thing! Is this The Twilight Zone? Probably.

Round 3

Getty Images

Jennifer’s smile is magnetic and symmetrical. Again, notice the almost almond shape of her eyes.

Getty Images

Nicole’s grin is right on par. It’s uncanny how similar these ladies pose on red carpets. Actual definition of #twinning.

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