The Game Gets Nasty With Young Thug Over Lil Wayne Beef

Well that escalated quickly.

The Game got involved in the bitter feud between Lil Wayne and Young Thug, and it's starting to get nasty. Wayne wasn't happy that Young planned to name his recent mixtape Carter 6, clearly trying to capitalize on his own album-naming style. Thug was forced to switch the title to Barter 6, but that wasn't enough to clear the air between the pair, and now The Game is adding his two cents.

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“My n—a Tune ain’t never been Hollywood, he’s just Hollygrove,” Game said from the stage during a recent show. “Anybody f–kin’ with Tune got a problem with me. I will f–k Young Thug up.” A few gang threats were added for good measure, which definitely added fuel to the flames.

Young Thug can't be expected to sit back and take this quietly, and today he posted a video to Instagram firing some more shots— literally (kind of). In addition to making fun of Game for his alleged past as a male stripper, Thug made gang references while his friend waved what appeared to be an assault rifle in the background.

Well that escalated quickly. It only took 20 minutes for Game to hit back with more fightin' words, which he captioned "Psa: for that lil girl they call "French Tip" aka "Young Thang."

“You paint your nails like a f–king girl," he says in the VERY NSFW clip. "You call your n–as ’bae’ and you’re a h-e ass n—a, Keep f–king around and n—-s gon’ drive by that nail shop and light that motherf—-r up.”

Errr, easy gents. We hope they both cool off and don't resort to any more threats, slurs, or worse.