One Direction Is Going On A Hiatus: Just Like These Other Bands Who Then Disappeared Forever

1D fans, it's time we got real.

One Direction fans are still coping with the hiatus the band announced earlier this year. The group assured stans this isn’t the end of the group, but (sorry to be a downer) what if it is? Tons of bands have followed a similar route: announce a hiatus, maybe reunite for one performance or something and then permanently break up for good. No new music. Just new heartbreak.

These seven bands are prime examples. They all announced brief splits but have yet to return with new jams. What gives, guys? Fingers crossed 1D doesn’t take this route and actually comes back!

  • *NSYNC

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    The band announced a “temporary hiatus” in 2002 and fans spent five long years anxiously awaiting new music. It wasn’t until 2007 that Lance Bass said the band was definitely broken up. Eight years later, we’re still holding onto the dream of new *NSYNC music. (Because their reunion performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards was fire.)

  • The White Stripes

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    Jack and Meg White left fans in agony when they announced a temporary hiatus in 2008. That pain lasted three years and only went away when they announced the hiatus was indeed a break-up. Stab me in the heart, why don’t you?!

  • The Civil Wars

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    This British duo took the world by storm when their tunes appeared in The Hunger Games and Grey’s Anatomy, which is why it was surprising when they temporarily went on hiatus from 2012 to 2014. It left us chomping at the bit for new music or something. But we received the nail in the coffin in 2015: The band announced it was officially splitting.


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    In September 2012, this EDM duo (Redfoo and SkyBlu) announced an interim break so the world could get to know them as separate people. Three years later, however, we have no new album. And we still don’t the difference between the two.

  • The Wanted

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    Well, that was fast. After three albums (the earliest in 2010) and really trying to dethrone 1D, The Wanted announced a hiatus in January 2014. But the sketchiness of their rapid rise (and decline) leads us to think this might be for good.

  • The Spice Girls

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    Following Geri Halliwell’s departure and their 2000 album Forever , the Spice Girls announced an indefinite hiatus but assured fans they weren’t splitting up. It wasn’t until seven years later they blessed stans with a reunion tour, but–alas–still no new music. We need a “Wannabe” for the Snapchat generation, feel me?

  • Big Time Rush

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    The bubblegum pop band released their last album in June 2013, and shortly after announced a temporary break. However, it’s been more than two years, boys! Break time is over. Give us some new songs, or we will break down.