5 Things You Never Knew About Joseline Hernandez

Did you know Joseline started dancing when she was only sixteen years old?

Joseline Hernandez is the baddest there is but after four years on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she still remains a relative mystery. We here at the VH1 laboratory have been busy scouring the archives for the most unknown facts about your favorite Puerto Rican Princess. We’ve come up with some shockers! Did you know Joseline started dancing when she was only sixteen years old? Find out all the juice now!

  1. Joseline’s butt is real

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    Despite what people have speculated, Joseline says her booty is the real deal. She cops to breast implants but says that her butt is just the result of many, many lunges.

  2. Joseline has five brothers and sisters

    Joseline has helped provide for her five siblings (and her nieces and nephews) since she was a kid. She also has a brother who has autism, for whom she has helped provide special care.

  3. Joseline has a brother who is gay

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    Joseline is open about her bisexuality but in an interview with VladTV, she admits that she also has a brother who identifies as gay and she considers herself part of the LGBTQ community.

  4. Joseline was sixteen years old when she started dancing

    The Baddest Boosh had to help take care of her family, and also find a way out for herself. She danced in Miami, Dallas, and Atlanta. She met Stevie J at ONYX in Atlanta.

  5. Joseline’s genre of music is considered Reggaeton

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    Reggaeton is a blend of Caribbean music (Dancehall, Soca) and Latin (Bomba, Salsa) with Hip hop and electronica influences. Vocals are sung or rapped, typically in Spanish.