The 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Want Trouble With Remy Ma

Play with her if you want to, it's advised against though.

Remy Ma almost forgot she was on parole when she was real close to dragging Rashida Ali’s business partner, Toya, for coming at her sideways. Before things got real, Remy decided to remove herself from the situation. Eventually she didn’t leave altogether because she’s not a grimy friend, but it definitely showed why Remy shouldn’t be messed with.

In case you forgot, here are some other reminders why you don’t want trouble with Remy Ma:

  1. She’s Focused On The Money So Everything Else Is Disposable

    Now that Remy’s bid is done, it’s tunnel vision for getting back on track in her music career. This means it’s quiet for all that extra stuff. Pap loves his babe and is making sure that she doesn’t let friends or anything else distract her from that.

  2. Because She Drags People Through Her Raps (Real Life Is No Exception)

    Remy is undeniably one of the hardest female rappers, bar for bar. She doesn’t play when it comes to her music and as you saw in this past episode she doesn’t play with snarky people either. She’s on parole and knows to calm herself down, but after listening to even one of her songs, why would you want trouble with her?

  3. Come For Her On Social Media And She Will Clap Back

    “Some people are so poor that all they have is money, I always try to encourage females to win and be great, never been the type to just brag ( like a lot of these swagless heaux) Anywho, I apologize to the people that are actually here to support & show love…but every now & then I like to let the Ops know I invented being petty #RemyMa #RemyMafia #ImWithTheShitsToday #ImLaughingOverHere #ExtremelyHumbleAndBlessed #JustFeltLikeBeingTheOldMeForAMinute #ImThrowingABlockPartyToday #AllHatersAreInvited”

    Don’t be the Twitter fingers person. Try coming for Remy on social media and she will shut you down real quick. Her notifications are on and she will get it poppin’. Make sure you watch what you Tweet!

  4. Try Violating Her And She Will Check You

    “…every now & then u run into a convincing hater that try to devalue your worth…I gotta all the way chill- ? shout out all the females that know they “that bitch” #50sAnd100s #RemyMa #RemyMafia @andrecavasier thanx for reminding me #Deadass “

    Her money is too long for the stress.

  5. Y’all Remember Why She Went Away Right?

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    Nothing to be proud of, but Remy has only known how to protect her and hers. Her family the most important thing to her and she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize being away from them again. She’s as real as it comes and is a kindhearted sweetheart but don’t push buttons that aren’t meant to be pushed! Her good side is more than likely where you’d want to be.

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