Tara and Peter DGAF What You Think About Their Baby Situation

"Sorry u guys are so mad!"

The whole world gasped when Tara Wallace revealed on this week’s Love & Hip Hop that she is pregnant with Peter Gunz’s baby (his ninth child, to be exact). Immediately after her announcement, she posted a dramatic photo of her pregnant belly covered in gold glitter, and today she’s going in on fans who aren’t happy for her big news. She and Peter each posted a not-so-subtle Instagram quote on their respective pages telling fans who aren’t supportive of their news what they can do.
“I am in a great space and sorry u guys are so mad! My baby is on the way and my boys and I are so happy?”

Wonder if Tara’s post is in direct response to Amina’s tweets about her last night? What do you think of Tara and Peter’s news?