“Everytime I Turn Around, I’m Hearing Some New F— Thing That Drita Said Behind My Back”: Carla Has Had Enough Of Drita

"She told my f--- business to the whole Staten Island"

“Drita’s causing another problem, causing another fight and all the girls have problems with Drita.”

Apparently none of the Mob Wives are here for Drita anymore and when Carla learns that Drita told everybody Carla’s personal issues with her ex, well she’s none too pleased. The Lady Boss has had plenty to say about Renee, Carla, and Karen’s new “friendship” but the ladies are beginning to think (or see!) that Drita *is* the problem. It’s no secret that Drita and Carla haven’t been on the best of terms lately, but learning of this betrayal took Carla over the edge.

Do you think Drita is really the cause of all the drama or is Carla overreacting? Don’t miss an all new Mob Wives airs next Wednesday a 8/7c!

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