Mimi Faust Celebrates Her 40th Birthday in Masquerade Fashion with Famous Friends


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust looked absolutely stunning as she celebrated her 40th birthday with a #40ShadesOfGray Masquerade Party. (You know it didn’t really happen if it doesn’t have it’s own hashtag.)

The party was a celebration for herself and entertainment attorney Sandy Lal. The two pulled up in elegant masquerade fashion, shutting down the entire event (Yass, bih, slay)!

Among the guests were BFF Claudia Jordan, singer/songwriter Farah Franklin, and BBOD’s very own Sexxy Lexxy and Miss Moe Money. Seeing as how Mimi only posted gorgeous pics, it’s safe to say the ladies of BBOD didn’t turn up at this event. Check out some of the pics from the party!

“Absolutely obsessed with my dress last night! Thank you so much @limpasseboutique for your beautiful creation ? @sandylal #MimiAndSandyBday #40ShadesOfGrey”

“Showing off my eye makeup and my little friend last night called RUM… @zacaparum MUCH thanks for making it an amazing feeling night … #MimiAndSandyBday #40ShadesOfGrey”

Now that's how you show up to a masquerade … #MimiAndSandyBday #40ShadesOfGrey @sandylal

A photo posted by Mimi Faust (@mimifaust) on

“Now that’s how you show up to a masquerade … #MimiAndSandyBday #40ShadesOfGrey @sandylal”

BabyGirl goes everywhere with me ? @iamevagiselle #MimiAndSandyBday #40ShadesOfGrey

A photo posted by Mimi Faust (@mimifaust) on

“BabyGirl goes everywhere with me ? @iamevagiselle #MimiAndSandyBday #40ShadesOfGrey”

Tonight #NyC makeup up &hair by @iamjamalscott

A photo posted by Mimi Faust (@mimifaust) on

“Tonight #NyC makeup up &hair by @iamjamalscott”

About to turn it to 10! #MimiAndSandyBday #40ShadesOfGrey

A photo posted by Mimi Faust (@mimifaust) on

“About to turn it to 10! #MimiAndSandyBday #40ShadesOfGrey”

“Lastnight celebrating @mimifaust and @sandylal Birthday Party #TeamBbod #Bbod #Lhhny #Lhhny6 #Vh1 #Grindflu”

Miss Moe Money

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Sexxy Lexxy

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Claudia Jordan, Sandy Lal, and Mimi

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Farah Franklin

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We wonder if Stevie and Joseline’s invites got lost in the mail? Happy birthday, Mimi! You looked amazing.

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