Trouble In Paradise? Althea and Benzino’s Business Is All Over the ‘Gram

Well, every relationship goes through things.

You would think after giving birth to beautiful baby Zino, Benzino and Althea would be blissfully happy.

Apparenty the couple isn’t doing too hot and Althea is insinuating that Benzino is acting some sort of way towards her, claiming that he is taking out his personal issues on Althea and the baby. Benzino posted several quotes last night apologizing to Althea for mistreating his family.

” I love him so much it’s ridiculous, his is my rainbow after the storm, he makes my heart smile and soul fulfilled, he’s so calm and loving smh it’s crazy how a baby can move you so much….”

“All I can do is stay strong and do better, I have alway tried my best under the circumstances I’m in, i know I’m not the best but I’m far from the worst, my positives far outweigh my negatives, and deep down I know I’m a good guy but I just have to do better and that’s that, no excuses”

Althea doesn’t seem to be with it however because shortly after she posted (then deleted) a comment from a fan followed by her response.

“Period point blank ! When a man loves his child so much. He don’t act a fool and starts fight with the mother when she has provided a quite living space for him to live. Stop posting pictures and do right by who’s doing right by you!! Period. Leave your baggage with the people who hurt you We didn’t.”

All the pictures on IG are sweet and all, but it’s useless if there’s no action to support the words. Hopefully they can get through this rough patch, for Baby Zino’s sake at least.

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