Moonlight Wins Best Picture After A Bizarre Mix Up, But Was There Foul Play?

Who saw that coming?

Moonlight? La La Land? Moonlight? La La Land? These two films have been the most buzzworthy films going into Oscars, and the result was more exciting than this year's Super Bowl overtime spectacular. La La Land seemed to be the winner at first and Moonlight actually won.

A member of the La La Land crew interrupted their acceptance speech to reveal the huge fail that left everyone confused and shocked. It looked like he was having a Macklemore Grammy moment until he assured he wasn't joking. Who made the mistake? Were the cards mixed up? Was this a PR stunt? The whole thing seems fishy, but what would be the reason for purposely creating the moment? Your guess is as good as ours. Regardless, Moonlight won, Twitter blew up, and this will go down as one of Oscars craziest moments.

Was the card mix up planned or just a mistake? This might be Oscars biggest cover up. Check out more conspiracy theories in the video below.