Watch James Corden Audition To Be Ryan Reynolds’ Sidekick In The Next Deadpool

Will Potato Man be the next great Marvel character? How about The Magic Clown?

Like most of us, late night host James Corden would really love to appear in the next installment of Marvel’s Deadpool franchise. Unlike most of us, James took the novel step of approaching the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds, with some potential ideas for the lead character’s sidekick. Some of them were admittedly pretty lousy (the Ice Man? Boo hiss!), others weren’t so bad. Heck, we would happily shell out $97 (that’s how much tickets are, right?) to watch Ryan fight evil alongside Potato Man. Or even the Magic Clown!

Sadly, Ryan was nowhere near as enthused by these ideas as we were. Will James pass the audition and make it into the inevitable sequel? Let’s start a MoveOn.Org petition or something, you guys. Watch his entire hilariously frantic audition in the video above.

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