Kanye West Has Proven That He’s the Biggest Will Ferrell Fan

Kanye West might be a bigger Will Ferrell fan than you.

Kanye West is always name-dropping historical figures in interviews and rants including Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, and Pablo Picasso. As of today, we can now add Will Ferrell to his all time favorite people list.

Early Saturday, Ye took to Twitter (surprise surprise) for a little rant on how amazing the comedian is, especially in his latest film Zoolander 2. He’s reached “walking living breathing god status,” claims West. He also admits to seeing the latest Zoolander installment for the second time. Move over Kim, I think Yeezus is in love.

Uh oh…

All jokes aside, Kanye thanked the man himself for his many years of making us laugh to wrap up his Twitter spiel.

Whenever Ferrell gets an Oscar tribute special, its only right to have Kanye present.