The Orange Is the New Black Cast Is Obsessed With Each Other and It Couldn’t Be Any Damn Cuter

Defining #SquadGoals one Instagram pic at a time.

Only TWO DAYS until Orange Is the New Black comes back into our lives and we crawl into our dark hole of and Litchfield glory. It feels like OITNB has been away for years centuries. But little did you know, you’ve been more obsessed with the cast off the show than when they’re actually acting. Luckily, these real life BFFs are so freaking adorably in love with each other that it feels like we’re hanging out with them on the reg. And all of this off-set bonding is what makes us love the show even more.

They’re precious from across the globe.
And we’re always feeling the group Louvre. (Get it?)
Look at Taylor and Uzo giggling, I mean, can you even?
They bring life to the VMAs.
And still get psyched about the show exposure.
They hang outside of their Litchfield uniforms.
And we couldn’t love it more.
#SquadGoals defined.
They’re just sitting there, having a ball.
They roll deep at the Golden Globes.
And internationally in Brazil.
They’re always smiling.
And embracing each other’s weirdness.
Uzo and Danielle make the FOMO struggle so real.
And even the cast dudes are in on the OITNB orgy of love.
It’s all too much.
On-set lovers become RL besties.
And they just post up like NBD.
They make the NYC subway actually seem enjoyable.
They can’t stop kissing each other.
Like, they hang out IRL, and it’s AMAZING.
Look at the genuine love in that head tilt.
Even with Jason, who won’t return this season (tear).
They <3 philanthropy.
“They wish they were us but they can’t be!”
I feel like I should take a shot right now to join the fun.
Maybe even two.
They aren’t even sick of each other while they’re filming.
And just want to cuddle forever.
And ever.
And do typical bestie things like this.
Don’t ever leave us, guys.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.