You Need to Watch This Man Contour His Face With French Fries and Burgers

Skelotim is your new obsession.

For anyone who’s ever found herself eating and getting ready at the same time, add this to your box of tricks.

A makeup artist who goes by the name Skelotim regularly incorporates food into his makeup process. If he’s not turning bags of Cheetos into makeup inspiration, Skelotim is using a burger to contour his face, biting out just enough to allow for maximum cheek bone contouring.

Skelotim has been doing makeup for seven years, according to his Facebook page, which is full of hilarious and bizarre ideas for makeup and food enthusiasts to join their two passions. “I love getting inspired by food cause I’m a fat b-tch and love food,” he writes. “So why not combine them both? LOL.”

Turning a bag of Mint Dark Chocolate M&Ms into a makeup look is true talent. The same can be said of using a french fry to get the perfect winged eyeliner. Genius.

Watch and learn as Skelotim contours his face with fast food here.

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