Caitlyn Jenner Subtly Disses All Her Children (Except Kylie) on Snapchat

Family feud?

Does Caitlyn Jenner have bad blood with her children?

It seems that way if you read between the lines in her daughter Kylie’s Snapchat video from Sunday (June 19). The clip features 18-year-old KyKy and Caitlyn lounging on the couch serving lazy Father’s Day realness. Harmless, right? Not exactly. Caitlyn jokes to the camera that Kylie, who she dubs her “favorite daughter,” was the only child who invited her over for Father’s Day. See it for yourself below.
Ouch. Kendall posted this touching photo of her and Caitlyn, but what (apparent) damage do the rest of the kids have with their father? A family “insider” told People magazine, “The way [Caitlyn] threw Kris under the bus so badly [in the Vanity Fair cover story last June] made the girls so mad. Khloé still isn’t in a good place with her and hasn’t really forgiven her.”

Could the Kardashian gang still be this angry at Caitlyn for something that happened a year ago? Khloe said on this season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians that she was “done” with the former Olympian, so maybe!

What do you think? Is Caitlyn being shady, or is this all in good fun?

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