Amber Rose Calls Marlon Wayans Out on His Blac Chyna Shade in This Amber Rose Show Clip

Muva v. Marlon

Sexy funny-man Marlon Wayans stopped by the Amber Rose Show Friday (August 5), and Muva Amber Rose was quick to call him out on what she perceived as shade against her bestie Blac Chyna.

“You threw some shade at my friend Chyna,” Rose said, referring to Wayans’ comment about Chyna looking pregnant from both the “front” and “back.”

But Wayans meant no harm! In fact, he loves a big booty, and he was only celebrating Chyna’s glorious assets. “[Chyna’s] got a lot of ass,” Wayans said. “She got them breasts. That baby–he lucky…I like big butts!” Watch this go down in the video above.

That’s not the only thing we found out Wayans likes from this conversation.

“I like tantric sex,” he said. And get this: He’s also submissive in bed–at first.

“I think I’m submissive at first and then I become dominant,” he said. “You got to date me before you bring out the animal.” *Waits in line for a date.*

Watch Wayans get more into his sexual preferences in the video below. The Amber Rose Show airs Fridays at 11/10c.