Seye Ogunlewe Is the Baelympic Athlete Who’s Been Running Through Our Minds All Day

He must be tired.

VH1’s Baelympic athlete of the day is Seye Ogunlewe, otherwise known as Nigeria’s fastest man. The 24-year-old track and field sprinter specializes in the 100-meter event. This is the same event in which Usain Bolt famously holds the world record, and it’s Seye’s “ultimate goal” to one day beat him.

Seye hails from Lagos, Nigera. He’s a Virgo, like Beyoncé, and is the “rising star” of his home region. Find out more about Seye via his Instagram and Twitter accounts here.

  • Here he is giving God all of the glory.

    Religious AF.

  • Here he is showing love for fellow Nigerian Olympians.

    Supportive bae.

  • Here he is praising Usain Bolt.

    Because “King.”

  • Here he is like, “Bish, where?”

    Shutting down the lies.

Follow Seye Ogunlewe on Instagram here, and watch VH1 staffers talk about the hottest Olympic athletes in the video below.

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