#TeacherBae Has Twitter Divided Over Appropriate Classroom Attire

Doing too much or just fine?

New #bae alert! First it was Jeremy Meeks aka #PrisonBae, and now there’s Patrice “Tricey” Brown aka #TeacherBae.

A Georgia based elementary school teacher, Brown was dubbed the sexiest teacher alive after photos of the Alabama State University grad adorning a ’form fitting’ dress in her classroom went viral over the weekend.

Although many people have since flocked to her social media accounts (Brown’s IG has surged to nearly 60,000 followers), a debate over whether or not she’s dressed appropriately has risen.

Comments about Brown’s shapely curves being a distraction for students fueled the argument for opposers, while many supporters claim that unless she’s broken her school district’s dress code, she’s free to do as she pleases.

Check out some of the most epic responses to #TeacherBae and tell us what you think of her attire below: