5 Love & Hip Hop and Basketball Wives Moments That Seriously Deserve An Emmy

And the award goes to...

—By Rebecah Jacobs
On Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and Basketball Wives LA, things can quickly go from crazy to happy to wtf in two seconds. Since these shows are real life, unfortunately these precious characters weren’t nominated for any Emmys. But if they were, who would take home the most awards? Here are just a few of the jaw-dropping, heart-warming moments brought to you by the Emmy nominees of our hearts.

  • Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Can A1 and Lyrica Bring Their Mothers Together?

    The whole never-ending saga that goes on between Lyrica and A1’s mamas wins for Outstanding Mini Series, and this clip really takes the cake. The Romeo and Juliet of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood continue to try to bring together their feuding families, and Pam and Lyrica G are making it harder than ever.

  • Basketball Wives LA: Jackie Is Coming For Angel Love

    The vote is unanimous for Jackie Christie as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. While watching her on the floor dramatically screaming, “I can’t breathe,” I literally can’t breathe. And the fact that she goes from not being able to move to running effortlessly in her heels and “ugly” dress really puts the cherry on top. Even when it’s not a Jackie Christie party, Jackie Christie is going to make it a Jackie Christie party—just go with it.

  • Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Kyesha Crashes Shanda’s Performance

    I’d like to present Kyesha with the award for Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics with this truly heartfelt performance. One of her most memorable lines in her… umm… energetic rap is “Gimme my space, gimme my space” because, isn’t she the one who found out where Shanda was and followed her?

  • Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Safaree Confronts Nikki

    Okay, so not a real Emmy, but I’d like to personally present Safaree with an award for the longest he’s ever gone without slipping into his Jamaican accent — 46 seconds by my count. The real award goes to Nikki for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her ability to keep her love triangle mysterious for so long. Her ability to turn the situation back on Safaree makes women everywhere strive for greatness the next time they’re arguing with their man.

  • Basketball Wives LA: Angel Has A Serious Talk With Her Son

    Again, not a real award, but this moment deserves an Emmy for simultaneously warming and breaking all of our hearts at the SAME. DAMN. TIME. It’s one of the heaviest moments of the show, but it lets us see the softer side of Angel Brinks and also her son Azari’s maturity. Why anyone would bully a kid as adorable as that is still mind blowing, but he does have some connections to basketball players that could probably help him handle the situation.