Bonus Clip: Sonja Norwood Spins Her Story, Telling Princess The Pre-Nup Will Protect Her From Ray Coming After Her Money

"What if you become a major, big, huge...whatever? And then all of a sudden you guys don't get along? Then what?"

If you ain’t no punk, holla “We want prenup!” *Kanye voice*

Sonja finally gets real with her future daughter-in-law, Princess, in this Love & Hip Hop Hollywood bonus clip. The “prenup” issue has been causing a lot of tension, making Princess feel unwanted by one particular Norwood. Although Princess’ own family situation is strained, Sonja reminds her that she has a new family now. She then goes on to explain to Princess that as a mother, she has always had the inclination to protect her son at all costs, even from his fiancee. The public fallouts between Princess and Ray makes Sonja feel the whole wedding itself may be a little rushed. A prenup though, as Sonja tells it, is actually there to help Princess, assuming she becomes “a major, big huge…whatever” and makes more money doing…whatever…than Ray makes peddling Scoot-E Bikes. Are we buying that?

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