Why Are People Clowning Jay Z For Being a Great Dad on Halloween?

Can Hov live?

By Jasmine Washington

When it comes to Halloween Jay Z, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are known for pulling out all the stops. I mean, hello, “Coming to America,” Michael and Janet Jackson, Salt-N-Pepa.

This year, the trio are the talk of the Twittersphere not because they slayed, per usual, but because proud poppa Jay Z dressed as a Ken doll.
As a long time Jay Z fan, I think it’s admirable to watch him go from his drug kingpin rap persona to a doting husband and father, unfortunately everyone doesn’t agree.

A slew of social media users took to Twitter clowning the acclaimed rapper for his costume choice this year.

Once word of Jay Z’s costume slander went viral, an army of supporters quickly came to the rapper’s defense.

News alert! On January 7, 2012 Shawn Corey Carter became a dad to Blue Ivy Carter. That meant the Brooklyn rapper you once knew officially evolved as a man. Get over yourselves and accept this hard truth. We all have to grow up some day, right? So what’s wrong with Jay Z dressing up as a doll if it’ll make his 4-year-old daughter smile? Isn’t that what love is all about? Compromising for the happiness of the people you adore? Hate it or love, Daddy Jay Z is here to stay. So get used to seeing him do this and whatever else makes his baby girl happy.