Jadah's Not The Only One: Find Out Who Else Donna Has Slept With At Black Ink

Walt, Ted, O'Shit... And more!

Donna has never been shy in spreading the love and has never denied any sexpedition she's been on. She owns her ish. Since moving to NYC from Ohio, she's had a taste of damn near every Black Ink Crew member (literally), male and female alike. Donna spills it all from who has the biggest soldier to whose little johnson is unable to stand at attention and everyone has nothing but respect for her.

In this throwback from season three, the shop was shocked to hear Donna admit that she really be loving the crew. "All these [guys] sucked my p---y" she proudly exclaims, "and all these [guys] cooked dinner and breakfast." Bloop! She never fell in love with them, but Ted, Walt, and O'Sh*t all agree her that her kitty is A1.

She also kisses and tells when she ranks their eggplants and how often she slept with Walt, Ted, and O'Sh*t.

And then...there was Dutchess.

It all started with some slow grinding in a Miami night club when it dawned on Donna that she has "this thing where everyone wants to have sex with [her]," and Dutchess just happened to be next. Since word got out that Donna indulged in Dutchess' pum pum platter, the Pretty-N-Ink artist adamantly denied the hookup.Sky had her own recollection though of what happened that fateful night, though.

Finally, there is Black Ink's newest receptionist, Jadah, Donna's latest conquest.

Knowing Donna's record, Walt, looks like you have some competition on your hands. Hold Jadah close because once Donna has a mission well, tuh!