Bonus Clip: MariahLynn’s Mother Is In A Much Better Place Now Than When We Last Saw Her

"Seeing you and your progress, Mariahlynn, and your success has made me proud of myself. You turned out pretty good."

News of her baby sister didn’t start out as a good thing, but MariahLynn is super proud of how far her mom has come.

In this Love & Hip Hop bonus clip, Mariahlynn and her mom seem to be on better terms than ever before. She has not always been on the same page as her mother and the decisions she makes, but they’re putting that behind them and things are definitely looking up.

Mama Lynn feels bad for everything she put her daughter through, but thanks her for always standing by her and carrying all the weight of bad decisions that she didn’t even make herself. Mariah is proud of how far she’s come — she’s 24 months sober ??? — and is happy to see her rise from a dark place. She even got her mama a gift to show her gratitude, a necklace she picked out and got compliments of DJ Self’s Gwinin Team.

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