Hey Bar-Bey! Barbie Beyoncé’s Instagram is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

This is too lit!

-By Soraya Joseph

Before Beyoncé dressed up as Barbie for Halloween, someone else got the message to turn the diva into a doll. And it’s safe to say that Barbie Beyoncé has experienced more in her 12 weeks of life than most will in a lifetime. Oh the irony.

Designed by photographer and model Tyren Redd, Barbie Beyoncé is the latest doll creation by Tyren, and the first time we’ve seen Bey as a Barbie since 2005. The fierce and fashionable figurine has its very own IG page which captures all the epic moments of the singer’s Lemonade phase. From a bat-slinging Queen Bey to her backstage at the Formation tour, Barbie Bey’s reenactments are giving fans, well, life.

Okay Barbies now let’s get in formation:
Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you:
Barbie Brandy and Barbie Beyoncé taking selfies:
Barbie Bey and Barbie Blue at the MTV VMA’s:
Ok seriously, this is lit:
As for its maker, this is not Tyren’s first time creating a diva doll from scratch. Last year Tyren captured the hearts of fans (and singer Brandy), when he created the Barbie Brandy, and highlighted every stage of the celeb’s life, from Moesha til now. It’s only right that his followup release be as strong as his debut- and who better than Bey?

Now if only we could get Jigga Man as Ken. Now that would be a match made in Mattel heaven!
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