Sneak Peek: KK Doesn't Understand Why Tommie, Who Has a Drinking Problem, Has Her Own Line of Wine

"You know I want baby girl to win but how do you have a drinking problem and decide to sell wine?"

Tommie Lee is learning what the Notorious B.I.G meant when he said "don't get high on your own supply." In a sneak peek for the next Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Karen King is making sure she holds true to the ten crack commandments and gives her friend the truth.

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Now that Tommie is on her ish, she wants to venture out into a business she knows all too well, alcohol. She goes on a tasting of her new wine to make sure everything is right with her product and to ensure she would make her money back. Meanwhile KK, her friend/ex-mother-in-law(?), stops by to check out this vino but is confused why Tommie is selling wine while battling alcoholism. She tells Tommie that the idea is good as long as her head is straight but can't help but be concerned for how far this business will actually go.

Biggie never lied chile, Idk but we're wishing Tommie all the success on this one. Don't miss an all new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, next Monday at 8/7c!